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3 D Printing Injection Mold Helps Reduce The Cost 83%!
Aug 25, 2018


Burke, a German switch maker, has significantly reduced production costs and time spent testing prototypes of electronic components after using a 3-d printing injection mold from Stratasys, the company said

Berker in the use of Stratasys PolyJet after 3 d printing, time costs are greatly reduced injection molding, injecting plastic into a mold grooves, and the cooling and hardening molding process is one of the world's most widely used manufacturing process Stratasys 3 d printing injection mold is used to build prototype parts in order to detect the defect parts, and let it in the finished product material completely fit for the new designed Berker electronic components using injection molding technology for production partsOnce assembled, the parts must pass the ESD test, the problem is detected using metal injection mold design and costly and time-consuming, Berker decided to try the Stratasys Connex more material on the 3 d printer using 3 d printing molds specifically, Berker use Stratasys PolyJet 3 d printing combined with digital ABS wire to create a series of each 3 d printing mold, injection mold structure, is used for injection molding a different final parts materialSolutions enable us to a new flexible try two or three different solutions at the same time, in order to get the best results, use these features perfect prototype to produce a product quality guaranteed, and accelerate the development process Berker technology & manufacturing director Andreas Krause said it is worth mentioning the time and cost of impressive results: each mold costs by 83%, saving production time by 85%